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Katherine-Anne’s unique program and coaching style are flexible and support you to achieve your goals. Working with what feeds you – your diet – and the major areas of your life – your Relationship, your Career, your Physical Well-Being, and your Spirituality – you will experience a new “Access to Joy” in your life.

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty “YES” to your adventure.”

~  Joseph Campbell

About Katherine-Anne Boyd

With over 40 years of experience coaching clients to their success, I bring all my curiosity, skills and education to support you to achieve your goals!

What I can do for you

Access to Joy

As you explore what’s working and what challenges you, you expand your capacity for happiness.

Our programs support your ability to increase your Access to Joy in your life.

Sustainable Weight Loss

You will experience weight loss AND learn how to sustain it! Take your body under your own control for perhaps the first time in your life.


What sources you? What brings you peace? Your spiritual connection is your energetic link to your personal power.


How is your Relationship working? Do you have a Relationship? Through your six-month program you will be looking at your Access to Joy in this area of your life.


Are you feeling out of balance because you devote too much of your time and energy to your career? Katherine-Anne supports you to get your life in balance.

Physical Well-Being

It all comes together – Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationship, and the food that you eat! – in your Physical Well-Being.

You should also know…

Katherine-Anne’s service to her clients brings both them and her JOY. Being of service and seeing the light bulbs go on in others brings Katherine-Anne her greatest joy!

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Based in Toronto, Canada, Katherine-Anne works with clients worldwide via Skype, Messenger, and various phone applications.