What I can do for you

Healthy Eating

We will look at the food you eat. Then you will experiment with new foods to “crowd out” what you no longer want to eat with choices that will have you thriving and energized.

Weight Loss - That’s Sustainable

We’ll develop practices that have you well supported in your physical transformation. You will have ease in maintaining your healthier body.

Self Care and Spirituality

A faith community, self-care, meditation, music, and time with friends can all energize you. We’ll explore which practices are good for your soul.

Physical Movement

What movement do you enjoy? Walking? Yoga? Dance? Restful sleep, healthy appetite, and increased productivity are powerful results.

Work/Life balance

We will identify what “balance” means to you. You will identify the boundaries that bring balance to your personal and your professional life. You will achieve new pleasure as you enforce these boundaries.

Your Social Life

Who lights you up? We’ll look at those relationships that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. You will increase that tenderness and find new ways to celebrate those special people in your life.

You should know…

As an Integrative Health Transformation Coach, I work with you to find the holistic solutions that work for you – with ease! My coaching is life-altering – in bite-sized pieces.

Each session includes your report of what’s new, what’s not working, and what IS working. We then identify next steps.

You leave each session knowing that you’ve been heard. And you’ll have some changes to practice until our next session.


During our time together life will happen! Those events and problems that were in the way in the past will rear up again to prevent you from experiencing your success.

That’s why you have a coach! I’m there with you. You will learn strategies and to address those situations and people that previously derailed you.

That’s how you’ll find your own “Access to Joy”!

“Most great people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”

   ~ Napoleon Hill


My coaching is about YOUR freedom and YOUR Access to JOY!

We identify those areas of your life you want to change.

Then we look at steps you want to take to move forward.