Access to Joy!

How much JOY do you have in your life? Could you stand to have a little more? A lot more?

How do you know you’re joyful? Are you smiling? Do you experience a “flow” state where everything works together well?

Working with Health Transformation Coach Katherine-Anne Boyd can have you access joy…

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.”

~ Albert Einstein

Self Care

Would someone who knows you well and loves you say that you take good care of yourself?

What does good self-care look like? Would it show in your face? Your skin? Your health? Your calm and welcoming smile? The peace that surrounds you?


How do you express your creativity? What have you tried?

Do you make things with your hands? Do you make music? Write? Paint? Do you create meals and events for your family and friends? Do you have productive leisure alone? With friends?

Home Environment

What do you need to enjoy the space in which you live?

Is your home your sanctuary? The place that you can truly relax and rest? Do you feel protected and safe in your home? What needs to change?


Were you raised in a faith community? Do you still celebrate your spirituality?

How do you connect with Source? With the energy of the Universe that flows in and through you? What practices would have you feel truly connected to something larger than you?

Your Own Access to Joy!

Have you identified your dreams? Do you know what’s missing?

As your Health Transformation Coach, I work with you from where you are to the goals you identify. And to your dreams! Your life transforms to one with Joy!

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