Katherine-Anne Boyd

Health Transformation Coach

With over 40 years of coaching experience – before people even called it “coaching!” – Katherine-Anne worked with clients in all areas of their lives, supporting them to achieve their goals. Feedback from Katherine-Anne’s clients is that her calm listening, boundless patience, and encouragement have had them achieve beyond their expectations.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of Life’s coming attractions.

~ Albert Einstein

Client Successes

Katherine-Anne’s clients have:
– reclaimed physical skills,  leading to new enjoyment in physical movement,
– completed projects that “hung over them” for decades,  bringing completion to their work,
– told their boss they needed support, developing timelines for successful completion of major tasks,
– sold a house that no longer suited the family and created a home that worked for everyone,
– taken a badly divided family to harmony and joy,
– taught a specialized course to senior executives, bringing much-needed efficiency to the workplace,
– and so on…

Katherine-Anne’s Background


Katherine-Anne brings a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience to every client, to every session – every time!

With over 40 years experience coaching and supporting clients, family members, and friends to their success, and being coached and supported through her own struggles, Katherine-Anne has learned what works!

All her tools and qualifications are shared with her clients. Katherine-Anne loves personal growth. The time she has invested means that her clients save time and move quickly to their next breakthrough.

As a Senior Manager, Katherine-Anne supervised large staff groups, managed multi-million dollar budgets, and renovation and construction projects from small to large. Her staff knew that she valued their support, and she backed them. Just as she has her clients’ backs! She knows what it takes to have a happy, fulfilled and successful life – even when multiple priorities are in action!

Katherine-Anne knows what it takes to have a happy, fulfilled and successful life – even when multiple priorities are in action!

Studies / Areas of Interest

Katherine-Anne has two degrees, BA and MBA, and certifications in Human Resources, and as a Trainer and Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She has taught clients life skills and peer counseling.

Katherine-Anne is a Reiki Master, who brings a holistic approach to healing and life. She seeks to “tread lightly” on our Planet, with the intention of having her clients experience greater joy in their lives through achieving their goals, using her coaching to find ease in all areas of life.

Katherine-Anne has a belief in a Higher Power. That belief has led her to spiritual explorations that included many faiths and ancient and modern mystical traditions. She is grounded in her Spiritual Practice and holds a space of peace for her clients to explore their own faith development.

An early interest in health had Katherine-Anne explore the best supplements available, and at one time, hold a certification as a Sports Nutrition Specialist.